15 countries in 5 days: an epic dash across Europe

Film of Stirling Moss' 1952 challenge to visit 15 countries in less than 5 days. The drive from Norway to Portugal is being recreated by the team at Max Adventure as a practise run for their 2010 record attempt at the London to Cape Town run, a record which has stood since 1963,

This shortened film has been edited and shown with kind permission from the Sunbeam Car Club of New Zealand. If you would like to see the whole film, plus other adventures in Hillman and Humber cars, please contact the Sunbeam Car Club of New Zealand to purchase their DVD box set - Rootes Group.

Follow Max Adventure’s recreation of 15 countries in 5 day as they follow in Stirling’s tyre marks as a practise run for their London to Cape Town record attempt next year in support of Help For Heroes click: www.maxadventure.co.uk/OTL

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