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A highly respected role model for both young and old alike, Sir Stirling Moss carries 60 years of the highest regard amongst professional sportsmen, business and charity.

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Work with Sir Stirling

From an era when life expectancy was measured in years and months Sir Stirling Moss represents all that is best in a sporting hero today. Many people consider him to be the best and most complete racing driver ever. He is internationally regarded as a great role model and company ambassador.

Constantly in demand for his opinion on a broad range of subjects, Sir Stirling's energy and enthusiasm always shines through. As a household name Stirling Moss has an amazing legacy and continues to inspire people worldwide.

Fiercely loyal, Sir Stirling likes working with companies, charities, clubs and projects he believes in. The range of partners and charities he works with and what it means to them to work with Stirling can be seen on the partner’s page.

His name is synonymous with integrity, honesty, loyalty and vision, so it is no surprise that he continues to be associated with some of the largest brands and events in the world.


How can Stirling help?


Sir Stirling Moss signing Autographs

From personal appearances to question and answer sessions, Stirling provides a wealth of experience as well as being a huge draw for audiences and generating press for the underlying event. To obtain the costs for a personal appearance please use the partner contact form.

Voice Overs

Recording Roary the Racing car in 2009

Stirling's voice is instantly recognisable and lends an air of reassurance and experience. He can provide voice overs for all forms of media - including TV Commercials & Radio Commercials.


Stirling Moss and Murray Walker - British Motorshow 2009

He is a constant demand from all forms of media globally including TV, radio, national papers and online media to comment and give interviews on the world of motorsport and Formula 1 in particular. He is also knowledgeable on residential property related matters and has a passion for design and the latest gadgets.

Product Endorsement

Stirling’s association with a product, brand or service provides credibility, can leverage media coverage and help increase sales, particularly if companies are looking to target the older generation and those consumer groups with interests in the motorsport and technology sectors.

Licensing of the Stirling Moss name and brand

We welcome enquiries from companies looking to use the Stirling Moss name and brand under licence for suitable products and services.


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If you feel Sir Stirling would be of benefit to your business or you have a media request then please take a moment to make your enquiry using the Partner Enquiry Form.