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TMB Art Metal

TMB Art Metal is a small London based company dedicated to producing provenance sculptures, cufflinks and other items, the unique key to all being that they incorporate in their making metal or material originating from the actual iconic subject the item represents; these subjects principally being in the automotive, aeronautic, locomotive and maritime arenas.

The company was formed following the much publicised excavation of Hurricane fighter aircraft P2725 TM-B which crashed into Buckingham Palace Road, London on Battle of Britain Day, 15th September 1940. Post-excavation, and with TM-B's Merlin engine safely on display within the Imperial War Museum, a limited number of Hurricane sculptures were crafted using actual 'recycled' redundant metal originating from the Hurricane itself. One example was presented to Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace - a sculpture made of metal from the actual aircraft that had saved the Palace, her home, six decades earlier.

Such was the interest in these unique sculptures, actually made of history and imbued with provenance, that TMB Art Metal was formed to expand the concept and the exclusive limited edition product range.

The TMB range includes sculptures made from original metal of the subjects they depict from the Aeronautic, Maritime, Locomotive and of course Automotive sectors.