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A highly respected role model for both young and old alike, Sir Stirling Moss carries 60 years of the highest regard amongst professional sportsmen, business and charity.

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Max Adventure - 2010 London to Cape Town Record Attempt

Stirling is the patron of the successful 2010 London to Cape Town record attempt that was undertaken by Mac Mackenney and his team at Max Adventure, which raised money for the charity, Help for Heroes. The team beat the endurance driving record that had stood for 46 years, held by former British Rally Champion, Eric Jackson (also a former Trials Champion for which Stirling presented Eric with his trophy).

In 2010, 47 years since Eric Jackson set off on his record breaking run in a Lotus Cortina; four intrepid driving professionals departed from Marble Arch, London in a custom built Landrover Discovery in their attempt to beat the record for driving to Cape Town. Having stood since 1963, this historic motoring race against the clock took them 10,000 miles and across 20 countries in an incredible time of just under 13 days, arriving at the finish, Cape Town’s City Hall, the location of Nelson Mandela’s historic speech upon being released from prison.
This expedition was ‘the’ ultimate ‘Endurance Driving Challenge!’ Border-crossings; navigation; hazardous roads; extreme caution and team dynamics while driving day and night, enduring temperatures from -20°C to +50°C; working, eating and sleeping together in the confined space of a vehicle, are just a few of the elements that fuelled this race against time.
Prior to the successful record attempt, Mac's team undertook a successful practice run in October 2009 following the route that Stirling took in 1952 when he drove through 15 countries in less than 4 days in a Humber Super Snipe from Oslo to Portugal, completing the journey in the same time. They were met by Stirling in Portugal, much to their delight, with Stirling congratulating the team on matching his 1952 record, no mean feat with the volume of traffic that now flows on Europes roads.
Details of both these epic adventures can be read within the pages of the