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A highly respected role model for both young and old alike, Sir Stirling Moss carries 60 years of the highest regard amongst professional sportsmen, business and charity.

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HEROES by Jim Bamber

Jim Bamber is well known in the motorsport community for the wit and wisdom of his weekly cartoon in `Autosport` magazine.

In 2010 Jim developed a range of collectable cartoon models called `Heroes`, in tribute to his favourite drivers and in support of relevant motorsport charities.

As Jim put it, no list of `Heroes` could possibly be complete without Sir Stirling and Jim was delighted when he agreed to the idea.

Jim’s `Sir Stirling` piece was inspired by his 1955 Mille Miglia win. It was launched at the Silverstone Classic 2011 and it supports the Motorsport Safety Fund with a royalty on every sale.

Sir Stirling is delighted with the piece and said of it "I have never before seen such a super model of a cartoon! A credit to Jim's great talent and an honour for Jenks and me. I am sure they will sell like hot cakes and raise lots of money for the Motorsport Safety Fund, which is such
a worthwhile cause."

For further details please visit Jim Bamber’s website, see below, to purchase the latest Stirling Heroes cartoon model.