I rarely get involved in things of this nature but the inadequate sentence given to the two men who brutally tortured their bulldog called Baby, causing it to be put down, has angered me beyond belief.

I am an animal lover and can appreciate that not everyone is but I don’t think anyone could not be appalled to hear of such cruelty to a defenceless living creature.

The sentence handed down by the judge is woefully short of what true justice should be. 21 weeks suspended for two years and an electronic curfew tag for 6 months means these barbaric men will continue to enjoy life to the full with very little restraint on their daily activities.

The name of the judge should be published so that he or she can explain why they have not recognised the crime as sufficiently heinous enough to warrant a much stronger sentence.

A petition has been started, which I have signed. Below is the link to it if you would like to register your own opinion:


The link to the story regarding the torture of the animal in question: http://metro.co.uk/2016/03/30/petition-to-change-appalling-dog-abusers-s...

Image © RSPCA