One of the stalwarts of grand prix and motor racing reporting, Alan Henry, has passed away at the age of 69, following a long illness.  A friend too many in Formula 1, including Stirling, who will remember him as being “One of the most knowledgeable people in motorsport” adding, “he was always great fun”.

Henry grew up in rural Essex, and despite his family wanting him to be a solicitor, he was drawn to motorsport, influenced by the writings of Denis Jenkinson. It is perhaps a fitting epitaph that he in turn influenced many to take up writing in motorsport.

He joined Motoring News after being asked to write about his local race meets in 1968. He would go onto become the Formula 1 correspondent for The Guardian and Grand Prix editor of Autocar.

Henry was also a prolific author, writing books about the sport that he loved, including Stirling Moss: All My Races, written with Stirling to mark his 80th birthday.

His loss will be felt by the grand prix and motor racing world, as Stirling remarked on hearing the sad news “A good friend has passed on and he will be missed”.

Stirling would like to offer his condolences to Alan Henry’s wife, family and friends.

Rest In Peace, AH.