One would have to be a real gambler to pick a world champion with four races remaining, and that's a brilliant position for the sport to be in. It wouldn't surprise me if it was Mark Webber, it wouldn't surprise me if it was Fernando Alonso; it could be any of the top five, it's wide open.

The cars now seem pretty level but it's obvious that certain circuits will favour certain teams. I haven't driven any of the remaining tracks and I haven't driven the cars, so I can't give much insight there. But I know what it's like to be challenging for a championship and there is every chance that this title will be decided by the strengths and weaknesses of the drivers themselves.

Currently leading the way is Webber. I think he's done a great job to get to where he is now and I've every confidence that he and the team can hold onto their advantage. In my mind he is the favourite for the championship at this point, but he is by no means a dead certain. I must say that he has been very consistent in recent races and, as the drivers keep pointing out, that will be very important in the final standings. His experience is starting to pay dividends and, even though he's never been in a position to defend the title in his career, I still think he stands a very good chance. 

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