A number of regulation changes are set to be introduced to Formula One next year. To improve the show, we have been promised moveable rear wings, the reintroduction of KERS, a more aggressive approach from the new tyre supplier Pirelli and the return of the 107% rule.

Starting with moveable rear wings, this is a rather complicated rule, but one that should improve the racing. The drivers will be able to close a slot gap in their rear wing if they get within a second of the car in front and that should allow a sufficient speed advantage on the straights to overtake. But there are a few things to take into consideration.

First of all they need to make sure that the wording of the rules is water tight. When you think how smart the engineers are, the FIA needs to make sure that we don't get anybody using the rule for an ulterior benefit. I assume it will all be very strictly controlled, but we've seen in the past that some teams can add two and two in the technical regulations and come up with five. 

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