I think it's essential to have the US Grand Prix back on the calendar in 2012, I just hope to God it's successful. Sadly, however, I'm not sure it will be. I watch a grand prix because it's an important thing to me, it is my bag, But if I was a motorsport fan in America I don't see why I would particularly care about Formula One when I have so many more exciting series right on my doorstep. NASCAR is something quite different and, in my mind, more exciting.

It's amazing to see those cars lapping Daytona at around 200mph and the whole crowd gets very animated, creating a fantastic atmosphere. We're talking about heavy cars going at very high speed and bumping each other, you can see why it's so popular - it really has tremendous colour and energy.

Maybe the drivers aren't as talented as in F1, and in many respects it's more amateur, but that means it has more charm. To put it in perspective, for Formula One races, I've got a pass where I can go just about anywhere in the circuit but I never see any of the drivers, because..... click here to read the rest of Stirling's thoughts on www.espnf1.com.