Stirling looks back at the controversial move by Michael Schumacher in Hungary and looks forward to the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza, where back in 1958 he suffered a near death experience behind the wheel of the Eldorado Special.

I'm quite aware that Formula One has changed since my day but one thing that is never excusable is dirty driving. I was appalled to watch Michael Schumacher nearly drive Rubens Barrichello into the wall at the Hungarian Grand Prix and the photos show that he got within inches of causing a major accident.

He was punished with a 10-place grid penalty in Belgium, but for me that only proves that the FIA has got no teeth. In my view he should have been banned for a year, maybe more. If somebody had been coming out of the pits it could have been an enormous shunt and that kind of risk is inexcusable.

The irony is that the improvement in safety in our sport has created a devil-may-care attitude among some of the drivers. Schumacher was willing to push Barrichello into a wall at 180mph, but I can't believe that if you gave him a loaded gun he would consider shooting him. There is an underlying assumption that things will be OK, and for the most part they will be nowadays, but we are still talking about a concrete wall and a car travelling at very fast speeds. 

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