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18 November 2010
When I was asked why Sebastian Vettel won the championship this year I had a simple answer: Speed. He's had plenty of bad luck and made a few silly mistakes, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is the fastest driver in Formula One at the moment. I think he's got huge reserves of natural talent and when you combine that with a very...
5 November 2010
Stirling Moss Blog: Let the mind games begin
The championship is very delicately balanced heading into the final two rounds and the psychological approach of the top five drivers is becoming increasingly important. The title can be just as easily lost as won at this point, and the drivers' split-second decisions in Brazil and Abu Dhabi will be crucial. Fernando Alonso is currently leading...
4 October 2010
Stirling Moss Blog: The title showdown
One would have to be a real gambler to pick a world champion with four races remaining, and that's a brilliant position for the sport to be in. It wouldn't surprise me if it was Mark Webber, it wouldn't surprise me if it was Fernando Alonso; it could be any of the top five, it's wide open. The cars now seem pretty level but it'...
29 July 2010
Stirling Moss Blog: I think what they did was dreadful
I personally believe in team orders, but not under these circumstances, I think Ferrari made the wrong call at the German Grand Prix . To be completely frank, I think what they did was dreadful. Felipe Massa had a hell of a good race, he drove so much better than I ever thought he would and he deserved to be able to have a go. He was the moral...
6 July 2010
Stirling Moss Blog: Races have got to become more thrilling
A number of regulation changes are set to be introduced to Formula One next year. To improve the show, we have been promised moveable rear wings, the reintroduction of KERS, a more aggressive approach from the new tyre supplier Pirelli and the return of the 107% rule. Starting with moveable rear wings, this is a rather complicated rule, but...
1 June 2010
I can't think of anything much more boring than the Bahrain Grand Prix. I watched the race from hospital alongside my good friend Professor Sid Watkins and I have to say I wasn't impressed. The concern is that we could miss out on a fantastic season of motor racing. There are so many great drivers in competitive cars but it is near...
31 May 2010
Blog: F1 needs a complete revamp to work in the US
I think it's essential to have the US Grand Prix back on the calendar in 2012, I just hope to God it's successful. Sadly, however, I'm not sure it will be. I watch a grand prix because it's an important thing to me, it is my bag, But if I was a motorsport fan in America I don't see why I would particularly care about Formula One when I have...
23 April 2010
The story in Shanghai, just like in Melbourne, was all about Jenson Button. Both the races he's won, he's done it because he made the right decision. He's taken victory by using his head and that shows he is working at a very high level in the car. So far this season I've been saying Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel have been...