Feature articles

2 March 2011
RS 61 to Le Mans: body work under way
With the cause of the accident now established, the real work of restoring the Porsche RS 61 back to its former glory could commence. The car was stripped down, with the engine and gearbox removed, to worked on by the team at Maxted-Page & Prill, the body could go off to a specialist for repair. The first stage of the body repair was...
25 February 2011
RS 61 to Le Mans: gearing up for La Sarthe
The body repairs are now finished and the lengthy preparation is now under way to get the RS ready for painting. Before the external painting can begin, the interior body work within the cockpit area is being prepared and repainted to make sure the inside looks just as good as the outside. The body shop team are also repairing...
8 December 2010
RS 61 to Le Mans: the cause of the Monterey spin
If you are a regular visitor to the website you will be aware that Stirling purchased, by proxy, a Porsche RS 61 from the Gooding auction that took place in March of this year at Amelia Island. Stirling’s first outing in his newly acquired car took place and ended rather abruptly at the Monterey Historic races at Laguna Seca in August. The...
13 November 2010
Stirling Moss Race History: 1981 Dubai Grand Prix
Tomorrow’s Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, the finale of the 2010 season, is not the first “Grand Prix” to be held in the Gulf countries. In 1981, Stirling along with a whole host of famous names from Formula 1, Le Mans and other forms of motor sport, past and present, took part in a series of races and demonstrations under the title of...
28 October 2010
Stirling Moss Race History: I regret never racing for Ferrari
In 1951, at the age of 20, Stirling embarked on one of the most pivotal journeys of his career. After considerable success in junior categories, he was invited to Bari by Enzo Ferrari to race in a handful of events to assess his ability. However, the trip did not go to plan and the outcome shaped the rest of his Formula One career - right up until...
13 August 2010
The 1961 New Zealand Grand Prix may not have been Stirling's greatest, however when we get told of superb film footage in colour, shown below, it is just the kind of excuse we need to cover a race which has not received that much exposure in the past. The drivers on the international Formula 1 scene loved to go to New Zealand and...
15 July 2010
Stirling Moss Race History: 1953 Le Mans - La Sarthe
With the latest edition of the bi-annual Classic Le Mans having just passed, it seems appropriate to look back at Stirling’s 1953 Le Mans race. This was the year he came closest to actually winning the Vingt Quatre Heures Le Mans, at that time part of the World Sports Car Championship (and some would say should be again if the WSCC can be...
13 May 2010
60th Anniversary of the Formula 1 World Championship
The first ever Formula 1 World Championship race took place at Silverstone, the home of motor racing, 60 years ago. That first race was run for the RAC by the British Racing Drivers Club, or as they are more commonly known the BRDC, of which Stirling is vice-president for life. He may not have taken part in this first ever Formula 1 race...